To use the words of indigo textile artist Shihoko Fukumoto;

“Indigo is the colour of my dreams”

It is the colour of ours too.

Wonderful rich, inky, indigo blue. Our love affair with the iridescent pigment is unwavering. Starting with the palest blush through to deep saturated stains; natural indigo blue has been flushing the textile industry with cerulean luminosity for hundreds of years. Never out of style, Indigo is neither flashy nor retiring, but sits carefully balanced somewhere in between. Taking residence in our wardrobes, our interior decor, make up hues and artistic creations alike. Indigo blue is indeed the colour of dreams…

Cloth House

Image credits: Kinfolk magazineĀ 

Amongst the oldest dyes used in textile processing, indigo is a natural dye extracted from plants and as with any natural product, beautiful variations in colour occur. Our Indigo is produced in India and is ready to purchase in the form of neat blocks hand stamped with the Cloth House name.

Cloth House

Cloth House

Though dying with Indigo is a labour intensive process, the rewards are worth it and what better time to experiment than right now?

Our natural Indigo Dye is available to purchase at our Soho store at 47 Berwick Street.

Visit our website here for a step by step guide of how to use your indigo dye.

Cloth House Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.43.23

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