As much as we love fabric, we also love paper and take great pleasure from carefully and creatively packaging each order that comes through our online store.

We hand stamp envelopes, emboss button packages, add gift vouchers, wrap them in brown paper and finish with string. If you’re lucky you will also receive a Cloth House key and tote bag. You can rest assured that each online order will undergo the Cloth House packaging ritual and arrive at your doorstep as if it were a gift.

Visit our online store to place and receive your lovingly packaged Cloth House order.

In the words of Julie Andrews;

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of our favourite things…

Cloth House

GIFT VOUCHERSCloth Housecloth house

Cloth House

Visit our online store here to shop the collection of our favourite things.

Cloth House

Cloth House

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