At Cloth House we love seeing our fabrics being brought to life by your creations. We spotted our neoprene fabric over at The Makers Atelier taking the shape of a clean cut, raw edged coat.

Also known as scuba or imitation wetsuit fabric, neoprene is a spongy, flexible cloth that translates well into softly structured garments. No longer restricted to the subaquatic attire of deep sea divers and the like, neoprene and it’s rubbery affiliates have experienced a bit of an image overhaul of late. Now a familiar cloth on designer runways, neoprene has (literally) leapt from the water in to our wardrobes. Utilised by the likes of Alexander Wang, Comme Des Garcons and Miu Miu it is the perfect choice when looking to create a modern and sculpted silhouette.

Our selection of neoprene is ever expanding and we currently stock 20 different colours. Visit our online store to shop the full collection.

Cloth House Cloth House

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