Here at Cloth House fabric is our treasure.

This summer we have decided to open the doors to our vintage archives and share with you handpicked pieces from our private collection. Accumulated over the years we have taken time and care travelling to many destinations, in order to find these unique fabrics and bring with them their individual stories.

Cloth House

We love nothing more than the richness of a piece vintage of cloth, showing the tell tale signs of a previous life. Plush with exuberant detailing, these fabrics are conversational. Words and stories are interwoven through their threads. Colours, textures and patterns are representative of communities and colonies; telling stories of family history and cultural identities. Cloth House values the history of traditional skills and the importance of keeping them alive through knowledge and the passing on of this knowledge. We sell our pieces to continue their story and further their journey.

Dive in to our rich, textural world of patch worked pattern and intricate unravelling threads. From the far reaches of Rajastan and Gujarat to Mali and Japan. We hope that you enjoy our collection as much as we enjoyed discovering them.

The full Vintage Collection can be viewed here.

Cloth House

Cloth House

Cloth House

Cloth House

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