Summer is upon us!

As the clouds part and the gorgeous British sunshine warms the city we’ll be scooping up our Kantha blankets and heading for the nearest park. Here at Cloth House we can’t think of a better way to spend a summers afternoon than sprawling across a beautiful picnic blanket surrounded by nibbly delights and a bottle of fizz.

Cloth House

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Our hand stitched kantha blankets come from India. Each one is unique, boasting contrasting exotic fabrics on either side.

Cloth House

Originating in Bengal, kantha quilts have been meticulously stitched together for hundreds of years by Bengali women. Traditionally sewn by poorer, illiterate women and often passed down through generations of females until complete. The running stitches in each quilt weave the stories of these women, often representing desires for happiness, fertility and marriage. In Sanskrit the word “Kantha” literally means “rags.” The discarded scraps of cloth are slowly pieced together to recreate something special.

Cloth House

Cloth House

 Beautifully layered and patched together in a myriad of colours, textures, print and stitch; What better excuse is there to bask in the glorious sunshine and surround yourself in a kantha stitched dream of Indian summers.

Cloth House

Cloth HouseCloth House

A selection of our Kantha Blankets are available to purchase both online and in store at 47 Berwick St.

Cloth House

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