D A R N & D U S T E D

Cloth House

We are big fans of traditional menders. Even more so when they also share our love for indigo.

Cue Luke Deverell; Founder of Darn & Dusted and a breath of fresh air amidst a fast paced, disposable society. Luke marches to his own beat. An advocate of traditional mending practices, Luke was schooled in the art of stitch by his Grandmother. Though we must point out that this is no 1940’s “make do and mend” scenario, what we have here is a bespoke service in preservation. Darn & Dusted focuses not on austerity but rather the luxury in the time spent repairing a garment. With Luke’s skilled hands, he personally repairs each imperfection, breathing into it a new life. Here, there is no such thing old and tired…

” It is a shame that nowadays most people would consider clothing that’s starting to wear and tear as being ready for the bin, at darn and dusted we see it as the beginning of a new life.”

Cloth House

Shop the Cloth House collection of Denims here.

Cloth House

Cloth HouseCloth House
Cloth House

We know where we’ll be sending our favourite old pair of Levi’s! Put some life back into your pile of has beens and visit Darn & Dusted here.

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