Beautifully sheer yet practically structured, Cotton Organdie sits in likeness to no other fabric. Simultaneously strong and delicate we are thrilled to introduce the dreamiest array of delicate shades to our expanding Organdie archive.

Parchment, Feather, Chalk, Nude, Bone…the list goes on.

During the treatment process Organdie is put through an acid bath, so that it retains it’s stiffness even after washing. It is this quality that has often placed Organdie firmly within the realms of voluminous evening wear (Think Givenchy circa 1950), exotic bridal head gear and crafty floral posies.

Cloth House

However, as fashion’s love affair with sheer panelling continues to mature with a playful, sporty aesthetic, we are seeing organdie crop up more and more frequently. Shaking off its millinery ribbon shackles, Organdie’s softly structured temperament is now delicately piecing together panelled tops, bottoms and dresses for crisp, structured everyday wear. It’s plain weave and sheer finish make it ideal for layering, to both intensify and dilute colours. Allowing designers to experiment with innovative concealment and revealing. Stella McCartney’s Moira Shirt set the tone nicely back in 2013

We looked to Ukranian designers Marchi SS’14 collection for understated and simplistic Organdie inspiration.

When we’re not busy dreaming up a collection for the next runway season, we at Cloth House like to play and experiment with different uses for our fabrics. It just so happens that Organdie is also perfect for sculpting origami! After being inspired by a beautiful origami wedding art installation, we set about making our own Cloth House Cotton Organdie origami cranes….

Cloth House

Cloth House

Shop the full collection of our Cotton Organdie online here or drop in to our Soho store at 47 Berwick Street.

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