Allow us introduce our Furnishing Fabric.

As the seasons inevitably turn and we slowly (reluctantly) begin to edge back indoors, our attention turns to our homes. There is something about the seasonal shift towards the cooler months that gives us a heightened awareness of the fabrics that we surround ourselves with. Rainy afternoons spent seeking comfort from a squishy armchair or a scattering of plush pillows. Heavy drapes to run our fingers along before closing out the showers outside and bare feet that gently pad across textured rugs.

Cloth House Furnishings

As keepers of cloth we are continuously editing our collections. Drawing out the old and savouring the new, rearranging, playing and laying different textures side by side. As we entered September, the month of autumnal change, we were inspired to put together a collection of fabrics suited to interior decor. Here you will find French Linens, Ticking, Runners, Hemps and Waffle all in one place, curated to inspire textural interior visions…

Shop our Ticking HERE

Shop our French Linen HERE

Shop our Triple Stripe Runner HERE

Cloth House


Shop the full Cloth House Furnishing Fabrics HERE 

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