MOOD BOARD • Blanc et noir

We love nothing more than messing about with fabric! (You’d never have guessed!) We are in our element when sampling cloth; arranging and re-arranging fabrics to conjure up a mood or a feeling. In our Cloth House Mood Board Series, we are letting you slip behind the scenes of Cloth House and see at what fabrics are inspiring us…

Blanc et Noir 

When colour is removed what we are left with is texture. Our “Blanc et Noir” mood board is based loosely around a monochromatic palette and places an emphasis on the artistry of the weaves and textures, prints and patterns. Bold stripes, herringbone and houndstooth checks are softened by pearlescent nuggets, natural twine and fraying linen shirting. Though a cool and crisp palette, warmth is established through its practical, rustic charm.

Cloth House Blanc et Noir

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Fabric listing left to right / top to bottom:

Rupert WoolWorkers Linen Canvas, Painted Stripe Linen, Cotton Ticking, Gamekeeper Wool, Slub Linen, Houndstooth Check Wool, Linen Shirting, Pinwheel Cotton, Crossweave Canvas.

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