What have you been making? LUCY ANN FRASER

Introducing; The Cloth HouseWhat have you been making?” Series.

 Once a month, Cloth House will be asking our blog readers what have you been making? Then featuring YOU and your Cloth House creations right here on our blog. As well as an opportunity to exhibit our customers’ talent, it is a chance to be inspired by others and share ideas around the textile community.

This month we introduce the work of Lucy Ann Fraser.

Lucy Ann Fraser

Textile explorations don’t come much sweeter that this. Mixed media textile designer Lucy Ann Fraser has us journeying back to our sweet filled childhoods and, like a kid in a candy shop, our eyes are boggling with gluttonous textile delight. Lucy’s work is a tactile, pompom scattered feast shaken up with a Liquorice Allsorts colour palette. She describes her work by pin pointing key words of childhood and seaside nostalgia;

“caravan parks and pebbledash and crumbling piers, sticks of rock, beach huts, Punch and Judy”

 We love how Lucy used her Cloth House fabrics to create a playful and light hearted body of work, neatly brought together by abstract, repetitive stitching and sugar sweet embellishments.

Cloth House Blog

View Lucy’s online portfolio HERE.

Cloth House Blog

Lucy’s Cloth House fabrics include:

Painted Stripe Linen – Red, Check Linen – Blue and Felt – Grey.

If you would like to share with us what you have been making then please get in touch.

EMAIL: online@clothhouse.com

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