This is our Workwear cloth.

Hardwearing, Utilitarian & Honest.

Cloth House Workwear

Durability and longevity are at the forefront of it’s design. We are stripping back to our core values of working with textile traders and artisans and honouring the importance of maintaining traditional skills. This collection embraces all that is functional. The “nuts and bolts” of our fabric archive, our Workwear cloth has substance and grit. Designed to last and woven to withstand the seasonal change.

We invite you to get stuck in. Craft from your cloth a sleeve that’s made to be rolled, a collar meant to be loosened, and a patch worked knee made to be worn down. Casting aside any notions of “utility chic” We celebrate the uniforms of the craftsmen. The wearers of this cloth are the owners of skilled hands, from the canvas stretching artist to the scissor wielding clothier. Dungarees, boiler suits, overalls and aprons, all are welcome!

For the Craftsman…

SHOP: Workers Linen Canvas, Triple Stripe Runner, Hessian, Hemp

For the cook…

SHOP: Denim, Stripe Linen Runner, Check Linen, Stripe Linen

For the artists…

SHOP: Hessian, Painted Stripe Linen

For the tailors…

SHOP: Canvas, Selvedge Linen, 310 LinenTape Measure Ribbon

Shop the full Workwear Cloth collection HERE.

Cloth House Hemp

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