Weird & Wonderful

Did you notice?

We have been expanding our Cloth House “Technical Collection

Cloth House

Home to all things weird and wonderful; shiny, stretchy, foamy or rubbery this is where you will find something a little out of the ordinary. We call this cloth “Technical” due to the unique qualities each fabric possesses, so different to such a particular degree, that each cloth is technically suited to different eventualities. This is our NASA Space Centre of fabrics. Fine tuned, extraordinary and intriguing.

Iridescent dreams (or flamboyant nightclub ensembles, whichever you prefer) unfold in a myriad of colours with our limited edition Mirrorball, Tanzanite and Holographic fabrics.

Cloth House

Creativity and experimentation are at the very core of our Technical collection. From reflective and translucent cloth, to spacers and hexagonal geometric patterns, our multitude of textural finishes – paired with a little imagination allows for complete experimental freedom. Embossed plastics, crocodile nylons and metallic leatherettes all reside here…

As the evolving rapidity of the fashion world grows, so does the demand for new, exciting and never seen before cloth. To such an extent that what was once rarely seen is now commonplace; Our collections of spongy neoprenes have become Cloth House Technical favourites!

Be bold, be experimental and shop the full Cloth House Technical Collection HERE.

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