H I G H • P E R F O R M A N C E

The demand for the characteristics of technical or “high performance” fabric often lies with sportswear. Built to stretch, breathe, reflect light or even regulate temperature, our Sportswear Collection is where you will find our most technically advanced fabrics.

Sleek, shiny and occasionally neon, this edit is designed to enhance, improve and excite!

Cloth House

SHOP: Perforated Cotton – battleship, Ripstop Nylon – neon orange, Geo Printed jersey – black, Fine Nylon Ripstop – white.

The rise in popularity for sportswear fabrics has seen their uses stretched beyond the realms of sporting activities and feature more frequently in our everyday wardrobes. Consumer intrigue encouraged designers to channel activewear into their runway collections, coining the term “sports luxe”.

Issey Miyake bringing sportswear fabrics to the runway.

As our Sportswear collection evolves, so too does our textile terminology; Grid-weave, ripstop, perforated, powermesh, reflective, metallic and double sided. A high tech list for high performance fabrics.

Freya, our Soho store manager, used our Cloth House Reflective Stretch to make herself a reflective top, ensuring that she can be seen when cycling all over London. Here she is in the light and in the dark !

Cloth House

Our Reflective fabrics are covered in microscopic beads of glass for optimum reflection, our Powermesh cloth has a 4 way stretch and our Geo Jersey is patterned with a hexagonal tread. This is fabric that is truly designed for high performance!

Shop the full Cloth House Sportswear Collection HERE

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