London Stitch & Knit

Step 1: Pour yourself a hot drink.

Step 2: Find a quiet corner.

Step 3: Prepare to while away an entire afternoon, slowly leafing your way through Leigh Metcalf’s  “London Stitch and Knit.”

Cloth House Blog

A wonderful guided tour of London’s array of fabric, knitting and haberdashery shops. From renowned craft institutions to hidden-away-down-a-small-side-street secrets, it’s a sort of craft lovers directory, if you will.

Though this is not merely a categorical listing of the wares inside each shop; Useful anecdotes about the size and atmosphere of the shop, shelf spacing and the attentiveness of staff are also noted. These are small, practical observations that matter the most when planning a successful trip to a new craft treasure trove. Nothing goes unnoticed. Amongst the insightful breakdown of each shop, comes photography in abundance, gently meandering, handwritten quotes and geographical categorisation communicated with beautiful hand illustrated maps.

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

Spanning across all manner of craft resources, this is clearly a guide written for craft lovers, by a craft lover and a welcome addition to our already groaning arts and craft bookshelves.

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

(Pssst! Flick through to page 35 to see our Cloth House feature.)

Leigh also writes a blog “Found, now home”  sharing more of her sewing and photography interests.


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