What Have You Been Making? ESME MURPHY

Introducing; The Cloth HouseWhat have you been making?” Series.

 Once a month, Cloth House will be asking our blog readers what have you been making? Then featuring YOU and your Cloth House creations right here on our blog. As well as an opportunity to exhibit our customers’ talent, it is a chance to be inspired by others and share ideas around the textile community.

This month we introduce the work of Esme Murphy

Cloth House Blog

In a collection where the drape and fall of the fabric is equally as important as the structure and seaming, Esme Murphy has created a collection that is responsive to the human form. Inspired by Eastern cultures and Turkish puppetry Esme’s language of cloth communicates a freedom of movement.

Her fabrication board demonstrates a seamless marriage of eclectic prints running across a rich palette of dark blues and deep reds.

Cloth House Blog

Fabrics listing; Japanese Selvedge Denim, Indian Block Prints, Organdie, Poplin and Spot Ikat.

Our Cloth House Indian block prints are sprinkled across loosely structured, swathes of fabric. Flowing lines and artful folds of Organdie make up abstract garment shapes in arrangements that work harmoniously with the curvature of the body. In opposition to the stringy constraints of the 2D puppets that inspired the collection, the end result inspires the wearer to come to life through dance and movement.

Esme’s work features the following Cloth House fabrics Organdie, Indian Block Prints, PoplinJapanese Selvedge Denim and Spot Ikat.

You can view her full online portfolio HERE.

 If you would like to share with us what you have been making then please get in touch.

EMAIL: online@clothhouse.com

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