In a special collaboration with The Makers Atelier, our Japanese Kimono Crepe Daisy fabric has been transformed into a unique “Modern Kimono.”

Cloth House Blog

Traditional Kimono are simple, straight-seamed garments made from a single bolt of cloth. It is the pattern on the surface, rather than the cut of the garment, that is significant.

Using the pattern of the fabric as their focal point, The Makers Atelier have designed their latest making pattern to suit our Cloth House Japanese Kimono Crepe. Available as a limited – edition Making Kit via The Makers Atelier, it includes every thing you need to create your very own Modern Kimono. (Cloth House Kimono Crepe fabric, coordinating trims and matching threads.) Click HERE to read more about the making of the kimono.

Today we received the finished product in the post and it is truly magnificent!

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

Our Japanese Kimono Crepe comes in three colour variations. Click HERE to choose your own,

Or to buy The limited – edition Making Kit Click HERE.

Cloth House Blog

Thank you! 

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