DIY Christmas Gifts: Cloth House Hot Water Bottle

 In the First of our Cloth House “DIY Christmas gift ideas,” we crafted a festive offering guaranteed to make you feel warm and fuzzy both inside and out. The perfect gift for anyone at Christmas time; A toasty felt hot water bottle. They are super easy to make and become extra special when they are personalised.

To begin you will need:

A pair of tailors scissors, a pencil, cotton tape, a hot water bottle, thread and selection of Cloth House Felt. (We used a combination of navy, coral and cream but you can select your own colour palette HERE.)

Step One: Lay the hot water bottle on top of your chosen felt and draw around it, leaving about an inch gap.

Cloth House Blog

Step Two: Repeat step one for the back, this time making two halves with an extra inch for a central overlap.

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

Step Three: Hand sew the pieces together. We used a running stitch but a blanket stitch would also look great.

Cloth House Blog

Step Four (Optional) : Just before you stitch the final edges together we added in a cotton tape loop – handy for hanging up your hot water bottle!

Cloth House Blog

Step Five: Personalise you hot water bottle!

We used more felt to cut out decorative shapes and hand embroidered initials in a contrasting festive thread. (As an alternative you could also use our Vintage Lace Letters to personalise your hot water bottle.)

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

Ta daaah! You’re all done!

Cloth House Blog

Cloth House Blog

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