DIY Christmas Gifts: Cloth House pillow cases

You just cannot beat fresh bedding!

In the Second of our Cloth House DIY Christmas gift ideas, we put together some patterned pillow cases. Cut from our crisp cottons, linens and percale, they are the perfect gift for those who enjoy some seasonal hibernation (Or if you just feel like snazzing up your bedroom.) Either way, what could be better than a set of handmade Cloth House pillow cases to bury your head into on a wintery night?


To make our pillow cases we used: Tailors Scissors, Measuring Tape, pins, a sewing machine and selection of our Cloth House fabrics including : OctaveHeidi Stripe, Wide Stripe Linen, Percale, Block Stripe, Soft Stripe Shirting, pocket square and Ash 

We opted for envelope style pillowcases which traditionally measure 75cm x 50cm. We also added in contrasting coloured panels to our pillow cases, if you are going to do this then sew the patches together before jumping to step two…

Step One: Measure and cut the fabric. (Don’t forget to add a 1cm seam allowance on all joining sides and an extra 4cm allowance for hems on the opening sides.)

Step Two: Hem the opening sides and press.


Step: Three: Pin the front piece to the back piece, faces together, lining up the joining seams.

Step Four: Fold the extra 15cm from the back piece over the front piece and pin.


This is what the envelope should look like once sewn…

Cloth House Blog

Step Five : Sew the sides and the bottom of the pillow case together

Step Six: Turn out, press and fill!

Ta daah!


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