DIY Christmas Gifts: Felt Decorations

Nothing feels more homely than adding your own handmade felt decorations to the tree at Christmas.

Whilst others are “decking the halls with boughs of holly,” we at Cloth House took a trip back to our childhood days of crafting felt decorations. With some mulled wine to hand whilst cutting out bold and festive felt shapes, our fifth Cloth House DIY Christmas Gift post is as easy as (mince) pie and guaranteed to get you into the Christmas spirit!


Our collection of felts come come in bright jewel hues, rich earthy tones and soft neutrals. We chose a vibrant palette of festive red, mustard yellow, deep navy and a snowy soft grey for our decorations.

To make our two tone garland; Start by cutting two long lengths of felt (however long you wish you garland to be) and about 2cm wide.

Tack the two lengths together at one end with a stitch. Then twist one colour over the other continuously until the two lengths are completely intertwined.


Secure the finishing ends together with another small stitch … et voila!

Mustard Garland

For a super quick decoration option we cut star shapes from our felt and strung them up with Cloth House Ribbon and jingly Indian Gold bells. We love the crinkly effect that is achieved after washing felt and naturally occurring flecks and slubs add texture to the cut shapes. 


We saved the best until last; Our miniature Christmas stockings are the perfect size for hanging on the tree and hiding chocolate gold coins inside…

Two Stocking

To make these we placed two pieces of felt, one on top of the other and cut out a simple stocking shape (approx. 8cm in length).

Next we embroidered dainty stars onto the stocking, before stitching the matching shapes back to back in a contrasting thread. (Don’t forget to leave the top of the stocking open).

We added a striped cotton trim to ours (Block Stripe)

Finish off your stocking by adding a loop of thread for the stocking to hang from the tree. Ta Daaah!

Red Garland

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