Cloth House Indigo Gift Guide

Our love for Indigo is no secret…

Rich and intense, dark and inky; For us, indigo wins every time and we’ll sing the wonders of the truest of blue to anyone who will listen. Or in this instance we’ll gather all of our favourite Cloth House Indigo things into one place for those hunting for a last minute beautiful blue gift.

BP Vintage

 Our vintage Japanese handwoven cottons are hand block printed with indigo dye. You can find these and more in our Vintage collection.

Capture a midnight sky full of stars with our Indigo Stitched Blankets. They are meticulously hand stitched and made from a wonderfully soft handwoven cotton.


We couldn’t possibly choose just one favourite Indigo Fabric, so here is our top seven!

  1. Japanese large Spot is a lightweight natural indigo dyed cotton with a simple white polka dot.
  2. Japanese Man Made Silk A beautifully lightweight dress fabric – We challenge you to find a deeper, glossier blue!
  3. Wabash A natural indigo, discharge dyed, cotton twill with a traditional pattern.
  4. Japanese Waves Rushing waves of Indigo swirl across a japanese cotton.
  5. Organic Denim  A super soft lightweight organic denim
  6. Indigo Block C  A handwoven Indian block print cotton, made using natural indigo dyes.
  7. Indigo Vine Tendrils and leaf motifs appear in repeat across this handwoven Indian printed cotton.


Our Eastern European vintage folk skirts are works of art would make a truly unique gift. Their front panels are made of robust indigo dyed linen which is then pleated.

Limited edition and hand stitched. Our Indigo Wave Scarf is made up of Handwoven cotton khadi and dyed with natural Indigo…

Wave Scarf

Perhaps the ultimate indigo gift would be a beautiful block of natural indigo dye. Our indigo blocks are hand stamped with our Cloth House name, wrapped and sold in our Soho Store.

You can find our full Indigo Collection at our online shop by clicking  HERE.

Indigo-blocks-hi-res copy

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